Next Steps

1. Enquiry

If you haven’t already enquired, then we would ask you to complete some details on the form on this page.

2. Book a Call

We appreciate that whilst we have given you lots of information it is likely that you will have many more questions that you wish to ask. We would be happy to talk to you.
Click Here to schedule a call for an initial discussion.

3. Attend a Discovery Day

This is the opportunity for both parties to get to know each other, for you to see an existing Harper’s outlet in operation and understand what your future as a Harper’s franchisee will entail.

You will have our undivided attention, as we believe in holding our discovery days on a one-to-one basis. You are welcome to bring along your partner or a professional advisor if you wish. We will be open and transparent about our business and answer any questions that you may have. We will bring the day to a close by discussing the next steps, assuming that both parties wish to take things further.

Following the meeting our Franchisee Recruitment Consultant, Bill, with whom you had your initial conversation, will give you a follow up call to get your feedback.

4. Franchise Agreement & Finances

By this stage you should have a clear idea as to whether or not Harper’s is the right opportunity for you and in turn we will have made a decision about granting you a franchise. Assuming that both parties wish to proceed then we will provide you with a copy of our Franchise Agreement and ask you to have it looked over by a suitably qualified lawyer.

Once you are happy that the agreement if fair and ethical we will ask you to pay a deposit, currently £5,000. This will secure your chosen territory for a period of six months. This will allow you to find a suitable location and if required raise the necessary funding via the banks or alternate lenders.

5. Becoming a Harper’s Franchisee

Once your finance is in place both parties will sign the Franchise Agreement and you will now have officially become a Harper’s franchisee. During this stage we will provide the help and support required with the fit-out of your restaurant as previously mentioned. You will be booked onto our training programme and will be well on your way to opening your own Harper’s British Classics restaurant.

We recognise that starting a business is a very big decision. You can be assured that at no stage during the process do we put any pressure on you to make a decision. We both need to be confident that we are making the right decision. Up until the point that we both sign the agreement either party can walk away from the deal.