Your Investment

Harper’s will look to grant franchises for a period of ten years with automatic renewal rights for a further ten years.

Initial Fees

  • We’ll take an initial refundable deposit of £5,000 to secure your territory for 6 months
  • £25,000 franchisee fee
  • Between £150,000 and £350,000 to purchase and set up your Harper’s franchise (excludes working capital)

Ongoing Fees

  • Management Service Fee at 6% of turnover
  • Business Development Levy at 1% of turnover (to be used to exclusively to develop the brand)
  • POS maintenance support


The results from your franchise will vary dependent upon various elements. Experience has demonstrated that a properly run Harper’s, with a well-motivated team, should attain a gross profit of approximately 70-72% (after food, beverage and packaging costs have been deducted). Net operating profits will depend upon the sales levels achieved and the occupancy costs. Details and discussion of these percentages will be provided during your interview. Harper’s does not make any sales forecasts or projections.

As a guide, you might expect to achieve a return on investment of more than 20% per year. Average cash flows may be in the region of £70,000 to £100,000 per year, which means you should have your investment back within three to five years. However, these returns are not guaranteed. As a franchisee, your input will determine the profitability of your store.

NB. The above figures are based on our experience in owning and running Harper’s restaurants. They should not be taken as, nor are they intended to be, guarantees of future results. The success of each franchised outlet will be determined by the input of each individual franchisee.