Franchising Explained

Franchising offers those with a hard-work ethic, ambition and commitment to own their own business while reducing the risks of starting out on your own. We’ve been in the food industry for a collective 40 years, so we are in a position to guide you through the process.

As a franchisee, you will have access to our branding, our products, our menus, our procedures, as well as our support, which will enable you to run your Harper’s the same way we run our own successful existing outlets.

The agreement will be backed up by a legal agreement between both parties and the license will usually last for ten years. You will have protection by being granted an exclusive geographical territory.

For you, it’s an opportunity to become your own boss with a brand that is new and exciting with ambitions to expand around the UK. You will be backed up with support from us but ultimately you can create your own plan on which direction you want to take the business. Whether it’s one outlet or you are looking to expand across a particular region, you can set your long-term plan.

The Franchise Sector

Most people when asked can name a handful of franchised businesses. These tend to be within the food sector and have a visible high street presence (we will avoid mentioning our burger and pizza competitors!). The franchise sector however is far larger than most people realise. The following facts are taken from the latest NatWest/British Franchise Association survey into franchising in the UK and illustrate how successful a franchise structure is in developing a business.

  • Franchised businesses contributed £17.2billion to the UK economy
  • This represents a 14% increase since 2015 (in a period where many independent businesses have declined or even failed)
  • Over 48,000 individual franchise units operate in the UK
  • Franchised businesses give employment to over 710,000 people
  • The Hotel & Catering sector has shown the highest growth along with Personal Services
  • Multi-Unit businesses where franchisees own more than one outlet has shown considerable growth and now represents 36% of the overall market
All impressive facts however two of the most compelling statistics are that;

  • 97% of franchise businesses trade profitably.
  • The percentage of franchised businesses that suffer commercial failure is 0.9% vastly lower than the figure for the non franchised sector where statistics show that around half of these businesses fail within 5 years.

This extremely high success rate makes franchised businesses very attractive to banks and other lenders as the ‘risk factor’ is greatly reduced versus independent start ups.